An unusually warm patch of ocean is starving thousands of baby sea lions

I don’t believe it’s warm waters or global warming at all, and al though global warming is real, so is geo engineering.
Why would warming that make any difference I believe many of the mothers are dying from all the barium, aluminum, strontium and non particles raining down on us all via geo engineering.

This is a way of pumping up the masses, we want our Sea Lion cubs to be with their mothered (what happened to the mothers?) healthy happy critters. This is another way that the mass media pushes the agenda for the one world order under the UN’s Agenda 21, they now call themselves “Sustainable Development” which is nothing you would celebrate if you understood their intentions. Insidious.

Click to access Agenda21.pdf

There have been so many mass die off this year it heartbreaking, just look at the long list and know this is not warmer seas this is murder from above our heads and science.

Sad sad state of affairs when you find the powers that be are assaulting nature, humanity is part of Nature.
This has to, it must stop.