About ❤ matter

 My Heart matters blog is about the human heart ⎆
Why hearts matter? Human Hearts have played a very big role in my life
they seem to want to drop out of the run…
It started with my older Sister’s husband, he died at the age of 26 due to an unknown congenital heart defeat, they were married less than a year.

My dear Dad had a heart attack in 1982 whilst at work, He required a triple by-pass done around Christmas, some years we found he had On set diabetes type 1 a test most neglected to tests back then, some years later his heart enlarged he required a pace maker…

My younger sisters (42)need for heart arterial by-pass surgery
in 2008,

My most beloved and favourite cousins dropped dead of a heart attack on the streets of Montréal when he was just 51

My fave Uncle my Dad’s younger brother met his death at 53 while at work.

A best friend, Billy Meyers death at the age 33 in 1989, he had a congenital defect also on the way to work and 2 days after his 33rd bd.

My Moms over medication lead to a close pace maker surgery I’m glad I was there to make the screaming Doctor think it out..

My boss Stephen sudden death on Valentine’s Day in 2007 at the age of 53 when he was snow blowing.

And most recently (2011) my beau who I have sponsored to migrate to the States and in keeping with the order of things when evaluated by an
Embassy doctor during the exam she heard what she called a thrilling murmur and recommended he have his heart checked she ordered an Echocardiogram. Scared but cautiously optimistic we hoped it would show an innocent murmur but that was not to be, innocent it was not.
A bicuspid aortic valve surgery needed and not routine for us, replacing was not what either of us had expected.

Thus this Heart Matters blog was born. I couldn’t, and still can’t fathom how my now darling  husband’s  doctor hadn’t really ever listened to his heart  he  missed it completely just a few short months earlier.
Hearts matter so take good care of yours
We all need to listen to our hearts and intuition… and make sure your Doctor listens to your heart & your concerns.