Homelessness , not a Winter Wonderland.

“Tens of thousands of families are being housed in temporary accommodation, some of which may be unsafe or unsuitable for children, at a cost of nearly £2.8bn to taxpayers over the course of the current parliament.

The figures also suggest the use of Bed and Breakfast accommodation to house homeless families has more than doubled since 2010 to 15,260 families.”

Chills the heart especially in frigid winter weather.

The father who froze to death in a Kent village.…The UK is not alone. The entire world needs human shelters and organizations, Lets start with Churches, Mosques and Temples they could lead the way by opening their minds, hearts and doors. Sadly few are willing to see and acknowledge the broken heart & spirit of the economically broken humans, when they do many blame them for their for being down on their luck and high on misery.

In autumn of 2012 both England & Wales made squatting a criminal offense. What an insult when churches, function halls,  all sorts of pubs and structures stand empty. The reality is that people will throw their money and resources at saving cats and dogs but not humans, do we have shelters for humans, do they even exist?

HomeLess London,  click here ☛  Winter Shelters list  from HomeLess London

Looking through the list of shelters, I see they all  have their breach the rules and regulations, find yourself back outdoors, the legal age to go to the shelter is 18 and up one of the shelters you must be 25 yr. of age & up,
A run away teen would be out of luck so too those that drink and or smoke, them will get you back out on the street, how likely will a drug or alcohol addicted dependent individual just quit? It’s about as likely as the feds not collecting their blood money from both.

Friends and family must never allow this to happen, homeless people are also proud don’t want to impose on others and die from exposure to the cold.

“Police seize possessions of rough sleepers in crackdown on homelessness”

In  May 2014,  Police started seizing possessions in their deplorable & inhumane crackdown on homelessness. Friday 24 May 2013, is it not pathetic to be taking away homeless peoples blankets and possessions!?

” A local paper reported that the belongings, mostly donated by sympathetic members of the community, were snatched by police from a group of homeless people as they sheltered in an abandoned public baths for the night. ”

So I did a search on shelters for humans in the UK and found this page’s online website (surely if one is homeless a search maybe the last thing they can pull off) I was impressed with the figures found there, at the Shelter website.

“188 £ could fund a helpline adviser for one day”
” 33 £ could help a family find and keep a home. ” ☚ this is the no brainer,  i donate to fund a home, not a job.
“25 £ could fund a helpline adviser for one hour”

I wonder, just who are the folks that get paid 25£ an hour to talk on the phone in a charity, and how is that charitable?
I was under the impression most charity thrift shops in England the likes of British Heart Foundation and other medical charities are always looking for people to volunteer their time.

Thatcher’s funeral, £3.6 million including £3.1 million for security.  Some actually claim it was closer to 8 million pounds, either way what a waste of money  for the love of pomp and circumstance.