10 Best Foods for your heart

I thought I’d share this article on the 10 Best Foods for Heart Health | Wake Up World. from one  of my favorite liked pages on Facebook.

I was one of those odd kids that adored Spinach, and Popeye 🙂
ice cream and corn on the cob, Corn is out spinach remains aka  Popeye ‘s anti- Brutus strengthening food.
Chickpeas with a squeeze of lemon also rated high as did whole tomatoes, almonds, broccoli the mini trees, who didn’t want to eat those,  and my favourite Mom’s Lentils soup with garlic, rice pudding and homemade yogurt.

Asparagus is in,  I’m not a huge fan of Salmon I never had Brussels sprouts as a kid, I discovered those gems when I was a 20 something.
Who doesn’t love fresh walnuts.

Walnut- msheArt2

In Nature’s smart package.

Come to the present, I can’t think of a vegetable I don’t like, green & red cabbage, string beans, legumes, fresh and dried parsley, cilantro,  oregano, basil, turmeric, black turtle beans, (⇠ click to see recipes on beans, or go to Yummly for more)  all types of lentils, hot chiles whole and dried powder sprinkled on most things I eat, parsnip and on and on and a slice of fresh crusty bread with a thin spread of goat butter, please!

Home grown

Home grown

Mmm my appetite is growing,  good food there’s really nothing like it.

Goats Milk  is also better for your heart.

Raising Goats… Mother Earth News.

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