Himalayan Pink Salt

Whilst carousing through my facebook liked pages feed I was left with this thought…

I wish people’s interest in the labeling of G.m.o food was half as popular with people as Pink Himalayan salt,  photos with quotes. It’s as if people have finally discovered poetry or quotes, what’s the next wagon?



Pink certainly has it’s appeal, pink for breast cancer,  for girls, clothes, shoes, cars, lipstick, thinking pink, pink phones, ribbons,  pink hair or an attempt at pink hair as seen on the teen above.

• If you use pink himalayan salt and are planning to or are already pregnant you might want to know & consider that iodine found in some foods & in iodized salt can be a benefit to your child Iodine is a necessary nutrient in preventing mental retardation.



•There’s the DASH diet the low sodium theory to consider. It doesn’t appear we really know what causes hypertension .
Stress management skills, exercise,  eating habits, environment, emotions, belief systems, all play a part in our Health. I  can’t say I put much stock in the health benefit claims of the pink salt mavens.

 In the end we have to trust someone, our own minds and common sense is a good place to start.
Thinking of my Mom and her aversion to the sun not only not tanned white skin but rarely in the sun long enough to absorb  the D she may need, She;s had hypertension for decades. Top it off Mom wasn’t a vitamin popper though that has been changed. I believe hypertension may some day be attributed to Vitamin D or a Magnesium deficiency,  no one can come right out and say because no one knows.

Still with all the possibilities she’s always modest with her salt shaker.

The more I read about it the more I think getting tested for Vitamin D  deficiency or the rare occurrence of Hypervitaminosis D maybe a good idea for most of us,  however  we’re not in charge of what we’re tested for are we? I think self testing kits would be a wonderful idea.
Back to pink salt; I have it and use it when I’m in Boston, it’s tasty although I don’t use it exclusively.
Our Pink is purchased at one of the large box stores, (not  Walmart nor their Sam’s Club)
 I’m of the school my salt needs to be iodized. I’m living in England now and after 4 months without,
We were  happy to just find iodized salt, I would prefer to do without the anti-caking agentsI use salt sparingly unlike the child I was once a homegrown plumb fragrant fruit of tomato plant and shaker in hand, not because I’m told I should but because I find real unprocessed food already has flavour And the naturally occurring sodium in it seems to satisfy my taste buds.
For those of us that don’t know the pink colour in Himalayan salt  (Halite) is due to  iron oxide.

Original uploader Tillman at en.wikipedia


Erroneously under the impression that pink Himalayan salt didn’t contain any iodine at all. I found there’s allegedly a very small trace amount in The Meadow salt see their list of minerals here.

Iodine chart on suitable daily amount by US  standards & requirements.

Normal dietary iodine intake is 100-150 mcg/day. The US Institute of Medicine’s (IOM’s) recommended dietary allowance of iodine is as follows:

  • Adults and adolescents – 150 mcg/day
  • Pregnant women – 220 mcg/day
  • Lactating women – 290 mcg/day
  • Children aged 1-11 years – 90-120 mcg/day
  • Infants – Adequate intake is 110-130 mcg/day

WHO’s recommendations are similar, although the organization recommends 200 mcg/day for pregnant or lactating women and 50-90 mcg/day for infants younger than 1 year.


Utah has food grade pink salt is their pink salt remotely acceptable? Does it make any difference which company adds a trademark & symbols to their pink gold, in the end it may. All salt, pink & sea salt and otherwise generally contain the same minerals found in it as are found in the mine from which it originates. Some suppliers claim to wash their pink salt I wondered how does that remove impurities from within the salt.
When a supplier connects its salt to the Pyramids miles from where it’s mined . So is one Pink Himalayan Salt better than any other pink salt? Could pink salt simply be just another popular bandwagon & divergence confusing the issues in our kitchen and dining table.

Unlike the orange tone on this one our was a pale pink


We’ve all heard of pink salt lamps now a panacea for the new keyword “electro-smog” & negative ions in our homes.
In 2009, not at all concerned about negative ions (I just don’t answer the door to them)we purchased a salt lamp for its appearance,  a lover of crystals from back in the early 1980’s the one I picked up looked just like a large standing pink quartz.
Pretty, but annoyingly it would leaving a large puddle on the table on which it sat regardless if the lamp was on or not that irritated me causing some negative ions.
I complained about this ruinous characteristic to Andy from Chosen Fruit  to find that our lamp had been recalled by the manufacturer which was connected to the constant sweat factors, still,
We returned it before it frazzled the house into something much worse than an electro-smog.


The not so recent desecration of the Himalayan region is for the sake of our palate and the claim this is what we ought to do for our well-being but for all that in the end  Pink Himalayan salt is Halite.
It occurs naturally in several locations but for some reason raping the Himalayas makes for a healthier alternative? We humans will pillage and plunder all the earth’s resources all her treasures, her natural seeds are altered and patented that it may behoof our existence, the science, the suppliers & stock holders wallets.Perhaps I need to develop a better love of money and capitalism,  I  prefer nature and the natural.When we speak and fret of the demise of the honeybee we speak of our own selfish love of the crops it helps us pollinate, what of the Honeybees survival for the sake of the HoneyBee itself.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

~ Mark Twain


 *Note; none of what is written here is meant to treat or diagnose anyone or anything, these are strictly speaking just my thoughts.