Hearts and SSRIs


Recent events in my personal life, especially the heart health of the love of my life, have me questioning the possible connection of SSRIs, hearts valves the possible acceleration of the damaging calcification to a bicuspid aortic valve, under the flooding of serotonin,
Not to mention the working of the medical professionals in the United Kingdom.

I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on tv, but I have an ability to read and listen.

Perhaps if we weren’t still waiting on what feels like a dreadfully slow NHS to schedule heart surgery I wouldn’t be researching and looking for answers.

It feels like a lack of interest from both the GP & the NHS, it astounds me it feels like an intentional dragging of their feet to me.
This is a dire medical emergency, we are of that opinion due to what the cardiologists had to say of the (private) echocardiogram he stated in his letter to both my fiance and GP, that surgery is in order and soon, within two to three weeks.

Yet two long weeks later ( 14 days exactly)  surgery is not in the horizon, but rather another consultation scheduled for the 4 of August!

I’ll never understand how the Dr. failed to use his stethoscope in the first place, what exactly is a GP role for a patient,to direct traffic or not for the NHS & to dole out drugs for depression?
To keep prices down for the NHS?
Surely listening with a stethoscope would have picked up the loud murmur sounds that the embassy’s immigration Dr. did, and that I heard when I listened over a year ago with nothing but my ear!